Dr. Hamilton Gaiani Develops New Women’s Sober House in New Haven


The opioid pandemic does not discriminate among gender or socioeconomic status. Opioid addiction can affect anyone of any background, and the road to recovery is gut-wrenching and often, ultimately, unsuccessful. This is why the addiction and recovery community must be open to looking at various treatment models to address opioid addiction and sustain long-lasting recovery.

Sober living homes are an important part of the recovery process. They often provide a bridge between inpatient care and the real world, so residents can slowly reenter normal life and practice the lessons they learned in care. Sober living homes allow residents to come and go as they please as long as they follow some house rules, which may include a nightly curfew, guest policy, and work requirement. A sober living facility will provide some structure, but still enable residents to learn from others in the house and put sobriety first.

Dr. Hamilton Gaiani is an addiction psychiatrist who has completed an addiction psychiatry fellowship at Yale University.  He saw the need for a well-run women’s recovery residence in the New Haven community. New Haven has the highest per-capita rate of overdoses in Connecticut according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Governor Dannel Malloy and state officials have launched a campaign to raise awareness about assistance programs and reduce the stigma associated with opioid and other drug use.

Dr. Hamilton Gaiani saw a pressing need to develop a sober living house based on evidence-based research and welcoming those treated with FDA approved medications for opioid use disorder.  Many recovery residences shun these medications, but Dr. Hamilton Gaiani did not want to shut the door on anyone who is seeking empirically-based treatment and willing to be appropriately monitored.  The women’s recovery residence in New Haven is called Phoenix 43, and its amenities include washer/dryer access, cable TV, WIFI, on and off-street parking, and utilities. Dr. Hamilton Gaiani also serves as the primary program consultant of Phoenix 43.

The house is democratically governed by the residents and their elected residence manager based on a model similar to the oxford house model. However, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani continues to consult with the residence members and the elected residence manager to ensure the policies are safe and evidence-informed.  The selection process for residents places high value on commitment to recovery.  Phoenix 43 offers affordable rates to ensure individuals and families of even more modest means will be able to continue on their road to recovery.